Sluis is more than only Oud Sluis

Most people I told I was having dinner in Sluis thought I was having dinner at the 3 Michelin star awarded restaurant Oud Sluis… but I didn’t, not that I wouldn’t want to but getting a table there (knowing they will close their door permanently very soon) is very very difficult and also there are more good restaurants in Sluis that are worth trying 🙂


Usually when going to the Belgian seaside I head back to Antwerp in the evening for dinner, I rarely stay for dinner. Last weekend however I felt like staying, I mean with the beautiful weather we’ve been having it just had to be done 🙂  When I go somewhere I always want to try a place I haven’t tried before, so when at the seaside it ain’t any different. My search for a restaurant led us (my fiancé and I) to this little new restaurant/bistro just across the Belgian/Dutch border called “Bard’eau”. What attracted me to this restaurant was the fact that it is held by 2 young guys (Chef Jens Schippers & host Bastiaan Apers), which is something to admire!

Jens & Bastiaan

Bard’eau is located right at the water side overlooking the town of Sluis. A very relaxing location if you ask me! I also liked it that there was enough space and that you can’t feel your neighbor breathing down your neck. Anyhow enough jibber jabber, time for the essence of my post aka the food.  I’ll be honest I did expect different kind of food. I mean knowing the chef has worked in restaurants like Cuiness 33, La Trinité and Tout à Fait you’d see the influence of those restaurants, but you don’t see it all the dishes. On the menu you can find more traditional dishes with a little special touch.   About the prices: for a starter you’ll pay between 14 – 20 EUR, main courses are between 24-30 EUR and desserts around 10 EUR.


Bard'eau buiten (2) Bardeau buiten (1)

Bardeau buiten (3)


For me a dinner in the sun just has to start with bubbels, in this case it was a cava Brut Jove by Familia Oliveda although the spumante and champagne also seemed tempting or their “maison” apero which was sparkeling wine with melon (very refreshing I believe). As first course I chose the gambas with curry risotto and my beloved fiancée the fresh salmon with avocado and tomato. I know it hasn’t rained in a while, but only drinking water with your meal would be a bit sad, so I had a 2011 French (Bourgogne) Pierre Ponnelle Chardonnay and my fiancée had a fresh 2010 Pinot Noire from the same vineyard as my wine.




As main course I took the Duke of Berkshire with pickles sauce (Blackwell), freshly made French fries and a garden salad. My fiancée was craving for a sole with French fries and garden salad … her wish is … 😉   that I accompanied with a 2011 St. Martin Merlot. Bard’eau has a small but nice wine list; we took more classical wines because we felt like it :-). (FYI, glasses of wine are between 4-6 EUR

Duke of burkshire


Overall a nice meal and the perfect ending of a day at the seaside! They are doing a great job, especially knowing they are only open since March 1st of this year (2013). It is true there are a few small things they’ll need to work on, but I’m sure they have a big future ahead! I know I’ll be back someday, not sure when as during our after dinner walk through Sluis my restaurant wish list got bigger and choices will have to be made 🙂

Oud Sluis

After dinner walk

Keep up the good job guys!

Bistro Bard’eau


Address:  Kaai 31, 4524CL Sluis NETHERLANDS

Phone n°: +31 117 461717

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