The way the cookie crumbles: Syrco Bakker

I’m starting a new recurring feature on my blog where I ask 10 questions to chefs. This will give us a closer look at their passion for food and how/when they got this passion. The question I like the most is actually the question about their best memory/anecdote of chef school. One of my best memories would be when a fellow student dropped a bowl of soup on a customer (you should have been there). Anyway I’ll be starting my new section with a Michelin awarded chef aka Syrco Bakker from restaurant Pure C. There are two reasons I like to go to Pure C. Firstly because of the beautiful and relaxing setting of the restaurant. Secondly because of the beautiful and very tasty paintings Syrco serves. Read my blogpost of one of my visits to Pure C.

Syrco Bakker

1. What is your favorite local product(s) to work with? And in which way should it be prepared?

All types of Crustacean and shellfish from the North sea. First of all because the North sea is right outside our door and secondly because of the great flavor these have. I do prefer eating and preparing them in the most natural way possible that you get the real taste of the shellfish.

2. Is it important for you to use local products?

Yes, as around our restaurant we have some wonderful and gorgeous products.

3. An ingredient you couldn’t miss in your kitchen?

Asian Aromatic flavorings.

4. When did you get the passion for cooking?

I got it at my student job as dishwasher/ kitchen help at a restaurant in Oisterwijk (Close to Tilburg, NL) when I was 15 years old.

5. Who is your big example in the gastronomical world?

Sergio Herman. I learned so much from him like how to stay focused or the aim for perfection and to get the maximum out of your day.

6. Where do you get your inspiration for making new dishes and combinations?

This can be anywhere, when I’m on holiday, during a walk through the Zwin, a visit to a farm etc…

7. What has been the most culinary experience?

Oud Sluis and Ultra Violet, Shanghai.

8. For which dish would you make a big sacrifice to be able to eat it?

Good oysters, langoustine en foie gras from Oud Sluis.

9. What is your most wonderful memory of chef school?
The internship I had during my last year. With the biggest reason that as off that moment I could finally be in a kitchen a whole day.

10. A culinary experience everybody should have had besides have a meal at your restaurant? (my wish list is getting bigger again)

Ultra Violet in Shanghai. This restaurant is the full experience, they have 360° projections and sounds specially paired for the menu. Truly a wonderful experience, superb dishes and a whole other dimension of eating as it all matches and goes together 100%.

Sergio & Circo

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