Ultimate Delacre cacao cookie

As promissed  in my previous blogpost here you have the recipe of the delicious Unlimited Delacre cacao cookie. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as my sweet fiancée did 😉

Best of all, they are very easy to make… just mix, put in the oven and let cool down.


Ingredients : (for 10 cookies)


45g Butter

30g Granulated sugar

1 egg

60 g Flour

30 g Cacao

40 g small chocolate chunks

+ Almond slices.

Before getting started

Your butter must be on room temperature, so leave it out of the fridge about an hour until it feels soft. For pastry it is also very important to use the correct measures as mentioned above.

Getting started :

  • Mix the sugar and soft botter until it becomes like a paste aka crèmer le beurre
  • Add the egg
  • Add (sieve) the flour and cacao (keep mixing)
  • Add the chocolate chunks until you get a ball of dough.
  • Puis, ajouter la farine et le cacao.
  • Enfin, ajouter les morceaux de chocolat.


  • Preheat the oven at 170°C (338°F)
  • Roll little balls ah roll the in Almond slices

Almond slices

balls in mass

  • Put them on an oven tray (on baking paper)

on baking tray

  • Put in oven for 5 minutes and let the cool down before you eat them


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