A must have in your book collection


As some of you might have seen on my facebook, twitter and/or Instagram account, I relaxed during my holidays by reading Sepideh Sedaghatnia’s recently published book about everything that one should know about wine aka ’69 things you always wanted to know about wine’. Sepideh’s aim of the book is to teach people in a pleasant non-boring way everything about wine, from the moment the seeds get planted until it becomes the finished product we all drink and love. I know most books about wine that you see in bookshops are very technical and already by looking at them they don’t really seem like swimming pool/seaside reading material :-). Sepi’s book however attracted me somehow (and not only because of the stunning picture of Sepideh on the cover). It attracted me because after reading the back cover it was clear the book would be strait to the point and everything explained in human language (with only using terminology when needed). In this book you’ll learn about how wines are made, which grape varieties there are (the main ones) and how their variants are called in different countries (you would be surprised how many wines you thought were different grapes that actually aren’t) ,  and even how best to pair wine with certain dishes where in between all the explanation she also gives 69 tips. Tips like to try instead of a classical French blend, to try maybe the South-African or Italian variant… basically to spice up your life. Although I think there is 1 specific chapter I believe is special for women :-). In this chapter she divides your drinking style according to the type of person you are 🙂  So for example if you are a rock chick or a high end upper East side lady what you’ll be wearing and drinking (so if doesn’t stop with the wine tips 😉 )  I’m not gonna give away everything, but I’m sure the ladies will love this part of the book (on top of all the other great stuff that is 🙂

The only ‘minor’ point is that there isn’t a pocket version the book or at from the tips, because they might come in handy next time I’m in a restaurant to decide what to drink 🙂  But besides that I’m a big fan of the book and I can only advice everybody to read it and learn that wine is FUN in every sense of the word.

For the moment the book is only available in Dutch, but I’m sure the book will sell that well they’ll have to publish translations 🙂 (available in the better bookshops or via Sepideh’s website Sepideh


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