Sex on a plate

Last week was my girlfriend’s birthday and for the past 13 years I’ve tried to make it something special… but I can tell you that it doesn’t get easier after all these years. Usually we celebrate it abroad, Rome, Barcelona, Paris,… but this year I figured I would do something else than the usual . This year I gave her  3 days of birthday celebration (yes, 3) 1 day with her family, 1 day with her friends and last but not least one romantic day with me. Food was a large part of her birthday celebration 🙂 (so it was also a kind of my birthday). Anyway for our romantic day, I decided to take her to Sergio Herman’s restaurant Pure C.  Reason; well my girlfriend mentioned this restaurant too many times the last few months…  (any excuse is good enough for me to go)

For you who don’t know Sergio Herman, he is the chef and owner of 3 Michelin star restaurant Oud Sluis, which is in the list of 20 best restaurants in the world… In 2010 Sergio decided to open Pure C who was already given 1 Michelin star after 1 year.  (Sergio also has a restaurant in Ibiza and will open one in Antwerp next year which will be in an old chapel, can’t wait to try it)

In Pure C it is not Sergio himself cooking, but the 27 year old Syrco Bakker, who has been Sergio’s right hand for many years in Oud Sluis .

How was it? I can only say it with the words of the master himself, “Sex on a plate” from the first plate they gave us until the last… YUMMY!!! From the moment you sit down, they are already there with food 🙂 (I like) One dish prettier than the other, real pieces of art, one by one … this is the reason one come to restaurants like this… It is true that you can see Sergio’s signature in these dishes, but also the twist Syrco gave to them himself. Some people might say that the portions are too small, but I had eaten more than enough at the end of the evening (and I am a big eater). I could talk about all the dishes we had, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

We chose to have accompanying wines with everything… but you can also just take one bottle or even accompanying beers, I’m sure the sommelier will help you to find the perfect match!  We started off with some nice bubbles (how else when you are celebrating something). I also liked the Rosé bubbly wine they served with our 1st (of 6 courses) Pet Zec. Well technically speaking I liked all of them 🙂 but some have that extra something, which makes it easier to remember them. What was also nice, is that we didn’t only get French wines, we took a trip through, France, Spain, Croatia, Portugal on the Pure C wine express 🙂 (with Francis Lelieveld as driver)

Ladies, I will have to disappoint you on one thing, if you expect to see Sergio Herman himself, this won’t be the case as he’s cooking at Oud Sluis.

Pure C  was a magical place for me, a perfect painted picture.  From the moment you set foot in the restaurant you can see the harmony (not only because of the food) the interior, modern with burning candles everywhere.

The view, from the whole restaurant you overlook the dunes and sea and let’s not forget the very helpful and friendly staff, who are dressed how Sergio himself would dress (which didn’t work for everybody, If I may be honest).

I can only say that if you are looking for a relaxing, very gastronomical and not too uptight and even romantic dinner, Pure C is really THE place for you!! (FYI, you can also sleep at the Pure C hotel) I know I’ll be going back!! NO doubt! For the people who are afraid of the financial part of the diner, don’t worry, this is really affordable gastronomy for everybody!

Restaurant Pure C



Boulevard de Wielingen 49

Cadzand, Netherlands
Phone n°: +31 (0)117 396036

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